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Persian Classical Art by Mahmoud Farshchian


Mahmoud Farshchian ‘s art is based on Persian Classical Poetry. From great masters such as Hafez, Rumi, Ferdowsi and Khayyam. His theme is classical Persian poetry; however, he mixes and portrays various human emotions, feelings and desires in his beautiful, unique artistic art. He is popularly known for his expertise in the area of miniatures. This is sort of art was initially founded in ancient Persia.
Master Mahmoud Farshchian was born in Isfahan on January 24, 1930. Growing up, he was surrounded by many architectural masterpieces that gradually and subliminally sharpened his awareness of proportion, color, and form. At the age of five, it became evident that his life would be devoted to art and painting.
Farshchian currently resides in the New York metropolitan area, has received many awards throughout his life, including a doctorate in fine arts. He has also received much praise from European academies and museums.
Farshchian is the founder of his own school in Iranian Painting, which adheres to classical form while making use of new techniques to broaden the scope of Iranian painting. He has brought new life to this art form and has freed it from the symbiotic relationship it has historically had with poetry and literature, to give it an independence it had not previously enjoyed. His powerful and innovative paintings are dynamic, expansive and vibrant canvases with an appealing fusion of the traditional and the modern, which are constituents of his unique style of painting.


Master Farshchian has played a decisive role in introducing Iranian art to the international art scene. He has been invited to speak and exhibit at numerous universities and art institutes. There have been six books and countless articles published about Farshchian’s works. In 2007 British-Omani designer Amr Ali used Farschian’s painting The Fifth Day of Creation as the main influence for his collection presented at London Fashion Week. Via : wikipedia

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