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Pencil Drawing | DANIEL BOCKANIC (Jossluka)

Pencil Drawing | DANIEL BOCKANIC (Jossluka)

Daniel Bockanic, called as Jossluka (born in Svidnik, Slovakia), is a Slovak portrait artist, specializing in pencil and charcoal. He is best known for his precise reflections and dramatic shades,that make the audience feel the mass and structure of the subject.

Bockanic began drawing at the age of 14 and began selling professionally at age 18. His work has improved over time to become more realistic.

In 2013 he started to attend the elementary school of art. After the death of his dog in 2006 he started to use the pseudonym „Jossluka“. Jossluka’s work has made several television appearances and has been featured on many popular art sites, including drawing pencil, designwars, deviantart or art people gallery.

The main purpose of his art is to show an emotion, a soul ,a life in something that is not alive … „ for me art is not only about skill, it’s about feelings “. Jossluka finds the inspiration among the other artists and faces of show business. For example his work “reverse“ (2015) is painted form of Frieke Janssens’s photography.

Jossluka currently lives in Kosice, Slovakia and studies at University of art.


Sister Jude

Pencil Drawings

What lies beneath the eyes – Katy Perry portrait


Charcoal study


Carina nebula


Battered Beauty





Betta Splendens


Finding Dory




Pencil Drawing

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