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Penalis Transitus by Othmane Taleb

Othmane Taleb

Architect, visual artist, my work is based in part on experimentation multi-technique, observation of mankind, and capture the emotions, characters.
Each being follows a very precise path, which becomes progressively fuzzy and diverted, the lines meet, intersect, as “Magnets” that attract and repress, male or female, the history of the birth, life and love is there, somewhere floating

Above our heads …

Human nature absorbs, invades, envelops, embraces; it sustains as a hope, as a certainty; it moves, consoles, smiles and surrenders to those who love it. It is mysterious and visible, always alive, always new, its silence speaks, its sounds, its murmurs reveal the harmony. It is as beautiful in its simplicity as in these magnificences, the last of the blades of grass is full of its beauty.
Loneliness can be seen as an inner subjective experience, not an external, objective condition. Solitude is not synonymous with being alone, nor the fact of being with others guaranteed protection from feelings of abandonment of being and beings.





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