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Wax Art Paintings by Goxwa

Ġoxwa, with a dot over the Ġ, pronounced Joshwa, is the Old Maltese form of Josephine; in her childhood and on her first passport she was called Josette because that was the name her father used when she misbehaved; when she was a waitress in Boston she was plain Jo.

The wax-and-oil-based medium Goxwa uses demands rapidity of execution because the paint dries quickly. It also provides a more solid-looking coat of paint, one which suggests the permanence of a wall as well as the fragility of what decorates it, and permits a richness and a liveliness of color that recall both ancient Mediterranean art and modern Mediterranean scenery.

She was born in Valetta, Malta in 1961. She began painting at a very young age, her en caustic works on canvas defy categorization. Although she draws inspiration from ancient fresco, her paintings have a very contemporary feel. Goxwa explores all genres, yet all of her paintings have the same element of mystery and intrigue. 







More of her work: Click here

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