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Paintings by Lynn Huang


I want to capture the moment as I see the snow storm falling in the home garden, the warmth and tranquility in my heart. The scenery on the painting is the entrance arch of my home. I am trying to express the feeling for my family/ my home. Although the snow storm is rolling into the community, the bricks entrance arch protects us all as always. The clean lines and subtle colors correspond with the tranquility of my home. The brush strokes/texture on the bricks, trees, and snow reinforce the dramatic scene between home and storm– create more movement and depth, and yet the quietness inside of loudness.


I want to address the new start through out the arch window from this painting. When I walk up the stone arch in the Fort Tryon Park, a tree standing in the sky enters my eyes. A bit Japanese style window opens a new path to the new start, the sky. All of sudden, I have a connection with the nature, the confluence of sky and earth which really touch my mind. I decide to paint the stone arch in simple shape; add a few colors to correspond to the sunset lighting reflect on the stairs, for welcoming to the new start — a tree standing in the sky.


This piece is 16×20. Oil on canvas. As I walk on the Central Park, a bridge catches my eyes. I see the entire scenery as a whole, no other factors involved. For me, the change of color of tree leaves is like the circle of life; it is the nature of life. It has different looks throughout the entire living period. Therefore, when I think of autumn, I think of colors. The reflection of colors in the water reflect the meaning of life lies behind it. What you see is what you get; Life is just like a mirror. It reflects what it is in your mind. And this is what I want to present in this piece, “the bridge”.


I have always liked water lily. I like how water lilies float on the water along with the wind; they are so free. The weather is not stable on that day when I start to paint. It rains at the beginning but the sun comes out afterwards. The weather does not bother me at all. I try to capture the feeling of relax moment seeing floating flowers playing with water. So I don’t want to struggle with shapes and details; just let my paints/colors float on the canvas instead. My goal is to create conversations between colors; a joy after the rain.


This is a plein air painting from Bear Mountain State Park. It is 14×18, Oil on canvas. As I set up my easel, I can’t stop looking up the mountains and the lake in front of me. The space is so open, so broad and I am so small, so insignificant on the other hand. The mountains and the lake echoes with each other and the sunlight casts on the water open up the entire space even more. I really want to address what the great nature could offer in this painting, that is — the infinite space and the imitation of nature.

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