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Opala SS – Photos by Das Antigas

The Chevrolet Opala was a mid-size car sold under the Chevrolet brand in South America from 1969 to 1992, by General Motors do Brasil. Opala SS was a luxurious series of Opala when it appeared in November 1979.

It was derived from the German Opel Rekord Series C, Opel Commodore Series A, but used USA-sourced engines. Two four-cylinder engines: the Chevrolet 153ci 4-cylinder from Chevy II/Nova, which later got a new crankshaft stroke and cylinder bore, changing its size to 151ci (usually mistaken for the Pontiac Iron Duke engine), and the six-cylinder 250 from the contemporary line of North American car/light truck production. GM manufactured about one million units including the sedan, Coupé, and the station wagon variant, the Opala Caravan. It was replaced by the Chevrolet Omega in 1992, also an Opel spinoff. It was the first passenger car built by GM in Brazil by the General Motors do Brasil division.

It was used by the Brazilian Federal Police for many years. The military government issued Opalas to its agents through the 1970s. Its reliability and easy maintenance made it the choice of many taxi drivers and was also popular on racetracks.







The Opala’s long-lived 250-cubic-inch (4.1 L) engine was also used in its replacement, the Chevrolet Omega (which featured electronic fuel injection in the GLS and CD trims) from 1995 to 1998. Some of the Opalas components and chassis were used in other Brazilian cars such as the Santa Matilde, Puma GTB, and the Fera XK (a Jaguar XK replica).

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