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Oil paintings on stones by Yana Khachikyan

Yana Khachikyan | Oil paintings on stones

I started painting on ocean and watercourse stones a number of years past. I’ve created over 100 paintings since then. All of my footage are painted in oils, and lined with a varnish. reckoning on the quality of the image it takes Maine from many hours up to many days to end the painting.

Before admiring her art pieces, each one cuter than the previous. I admit that it has been a difficult if not impossible to find any valuable information about her artistry life apart from some basic stuff. Yana Khachikyan is Armenian, half Ukrainian.
Yana Khachikyan started this project about two years ago and by now, she has close to two hundred tiny painted stones to her credit.



There is a kind of fragility, delicacy in this medium. The stone we used to throw onto the water to make it bounce stops and portrays a relaxed and quiet scene. Pastel colors, having blueish and green shades, are helping to convey this feeling.

If I ever picked a pebble like that on the beach, I would definitely not throw it away. This is probably what convinced me to show you Yana Khachikyan’s work. There is a real assurance between my own, violent, experience of the media, made of speed and trajectory, and her use, tinted by hours of patience.



To check out more of her work, here is her Facebook: Yana


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