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Oil Paintings | Lubos De Gerardo Surzin

L Dg Surzin was born in November 1981 in small town in Kosice, Slovakia. His passion for traditional art came from his work in film industry as a Concept Artist/Matte Painter. L Dg Surzin has a passion for arts and paitnings and opportunity to share his view of life through his eyes with the rest of the world.

From his mind to reality.  “It all starts in your head. Then going through your arms, hands, brush and it all end up on canvas. It’s an amazing process. L Dg Surzin art is recognized for his Landscape paintings as well as his experience in Digital Art for feature films. He would like to mix  painting and computer graphics,such a perfect balance. Painting is his biggest passion.









Check more of his work at L Dg Surzain

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