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Self-taught artist, painter’s daughter, Mounira began drawing as soon as she is able to hold a pencil, around the age of four. It is in Quebec since 2004, but she was born in Algeria in 1981, in a family where there is generation to generation artist.
At 15 she made her first experiences with oil by reproducing famous works of Van Gogh and Matisse. Although the act of painting seems natural from the start, without even taking courses of painting, passion for painting only happens later, with the discovery of the endless possibilities offered by the imagination.
The trigger is held there three years. Suddenly the table is detached from the model and the artist begins to trust his instincts. This is a revelation, a moment of grace … and the beginning of a creative journey that, from that day sweeps everything in its path. The need to create has become a vital need, and every day is an opportunity to create a new world.
Gradually has become a personal style: Paint with a spatula, without model and without preconception. She lets his intuition and canvas to life. Surreal worlds arise spontaneously from his imagination, like dreams that materialize increasingly on canvas, detailing the realities of other spaces and expressing emotions fluctuate with the seasons of his life.


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