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Matthew Small A fine artist painter

A fine artist Matthew Small resident of Camden,UK, wants to change the negative pre-conceptions of the people he feels are misunderstood.
Matt Small primarily a painter, small has a strong, compelling style, often choosing discarded objects like car bonnets or old signs instead of canvas for his work. “the theme of my work is young, dispossessed people: individuals who feel undervalued, who don’t have a voice, who get looked over.” small explains how the urban debris he paints on becomes symbolic of the feeling of being without value: “I thought it’d be interesting to connect the two – that oven door, that shelving unit, that piece of trash to someone – I don’t see it like that, I see that it can be something beautiful and worthwhile. That’s how I see our young people too. Let’s look at their potential, at the hope that’s in all of them.

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