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Writing to ‘Register of Craftsmen since 1980, I started working at the same time to a more in-depth study on the technique of some ancient schools of painting through the reproduction of paintings and covering the role of “copyist of art.” Once I started my production staff I discovered that the time, memory and light are as reference points in the representation and interpretation of hermeneutics allow you to play with reality expressed sometimes by interpreting its essence, sometimes reflecting it as a virtual mirror.

I have carried out work for public collections, Banks, Hotels, Government and private collectors for well-known to the international art market; also other work performed for private clients and the importance of which was objectively recognized by historians and art critics, have been entered, with value of the document, in the official records regarding Michelangelo is in the Uffizi, in Florence at the VATICAN MUSEUMS , in STATE OF THE CITY OF THE VATICAN.


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