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Mahnoor Shah, Abstract painter

Mahnoor shah works on illustration, figurative. Mahnoor Shah (Shah Mazhnur) – Pakistani contemporary talented artist, also known as “Mano”. Born in 1991, in Islamabad, Pakistan. She graduated from the National College of Art and Design in Lahore. I received a degree in history of art, design, history of Islamic architecture. Favorite medium: oil, acrylic, colored pencils and mixed media. It works in the genre: illustration, figurative painting, portraits in the style of abstract expressionism.

Painting, portraits in the style of abstract expressionism. She mainly uses oil, acrylic, watercolors & mixed media.

Mano Art Philosophy -“I remember the joy I felt when a stranger purchased my first painting. At that point, it was less about the cost I received for my effort and creativity, but the excitement of someone else appreciating my perspective so much as to buy it. I want to be able to share my work with as many people as possible while keeping it affordable. I love the concept of art e-commerce portals and giclee prints. It gives me the opportunity to reach out to a global audience at an economical price! My philosophy, at least at this age, is simple: Art should be affordable, available and amazing”.

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