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Catastrophic Events Art | Lissa Bockrath

Lissa Bockrath | Catastrophic Events Art

Lissa Bockrath writes: “I continually reflect on the inherent beauty of natural phenomena as well as their potentially destructive powers, and how the two seem to coexist in varying degrees of chaos.

As in life, my paintings mix dark and foreboding elements with brilliance and light which symbolize hope, positivity, rebirth and all that is good. In a sense, I see the process of painting as a meditation, contemplations on what’s within our control and when to relinquish to powers greater than ourselves.

In particular, I think about the fragility of human existence, such as the ways catastrophic events like earthquakes or tsunamis can radically alter the lives of millions in an instant.

At the same time, we have the human component of environmental change, how our own actions impact the world in which we live.



Lissa Bockrath





My paintings are not judgments or verdicts on the way things are or on what our choice points might be, but rather abstract representations of events and my abiding love, respect and reverence for all that surrounds us.”


Bockrath’s work provides one view that takes it all in and, at the same time, finds beauty in its contradictions.” –Dan Tranberg, The Plain Dealer

“…Bockrath is precociously talented, intelligent, ambitious and independent. Ten years from now, she is likely to have a firmly established national reputation. Smart collectors will get in at the ground floor”–Frank Green, The Free Times

“Bockrath’s pictures evoke thoughts that are as timely as they are rich with the drama of our daily lives.”
–Dan Tranberg, The Plain Dealer


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