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Korean Artist Watercolors Cities She Visits

Bangkok-based Korean artist, graphic designer and illustrator Sunga Park has been travelling the world lately. What’s new about that you ask? Well, she’s been creating soothing watercolor paintings of architecture that she admires during her stay in each country.

These beautiful paintings seem to perfectly reflect the spirit of her journey – while the places that Park paints are hugely admired by her and depicted in their finest details, at the same time they slowly fade out like a memory or a dream. From India to Europe, check out her “unfinished” watercolor creations.


Paris, France

Ayasofia, Istanbul

Berlin, Germany

Cologne, Germany


Zagreb, Croatia

Stockholm, Sweden

Strasbourg, France

Harrods, London, UK

Sacre-Coeur Church In Montmartre, Paris, France

Venice, Italy

Oxford, UK

Tom Gates, Oxford, UK

The Whitehall Street Entrance, London, UK

Metz, France



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