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Wake Me Up At Happy Land

Josef Lee is a designer / animator / illustrator based in Singapore. Josef Lee is the founder of the museum of modern fiction and the creator of the life of mann, an online graphic novel which is a global collaboration in creative storytelling. Josef also co-founded startdrawing.Org | the asia drawing portal, a web resource portal for Asia’s artists and drawings.
“Wake me up at happy Land” is one of many series he has and is a short, (almost) wordless picture-story about a man travelling the world in search of the happy land. Afraid that he might miss it, he carried a sign with him, reminding others to wake him up at the happy land. But no one did, and he continued his wanderings until…
In the story, the man travelled around the world in every conceivable transport (train, taxi, tram, camel, donkey, bicycle, a merry-go-round, and even a hot-air balloon!) little did he know that because he was sleeping throughout the journey, thus he missed the happiness around him.
I wrote this story to serve as a reminder to myself that happiness in within us, and all around us. That it exist in the small things, so long as we are willing to see it.
Happiness is right in front of you!
If only
You are willing to open your eyes
And see.”








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