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Flowtismus | MerCedes De Rabena

Mercedes de. Rabena is an artist who lives and works Salzburg, Austria.

Her images arise in Flowtismus and find their origin in the empirical perception and the sensualist expression with the desire for a new romance.The painting ignited the archetype of being in dramatic, touching and captivating manner. 

The playful ease arises from the Fusion of pure consciousness and energy of the ink and water. To be touched on different levels and depths is the golden thread running through her pictures.

She wants to give the observer the feelings of love, lust, joy and passion when they look at her work. These messages of great artists meet in my painting. From the earliest youth I am engaged with fine arts.

Starting from a figurative form of expression, I always developed into a mixture of concrete and abstract pictorial language. I live and work as an artist in Salzburg and my overall work eludes any categorization.


Mercedes Work

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Mercedes further says “For me painting is a living process, it is sensuality, love; Means conflict and freedom at the same time. Much comes from my feeling, colors become self-sufficient, dissolve from the outside in order to get inside. Energy, love, lust, joy, passion – all these feelings I want to give to people about looking at the pictures.”


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