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Flower Butterflies | Laurence Aquino

Laurence Aquino | Flower Butterflies

I’m Laurence Aquino from Laoag City, Philippines. I’m a professional nurse, and my passion is fashion design. I create fashion artworks using flowers, vegetables, herbs and spices. I call my design pieces “when fashion meets nature” I also made art pieces that I called “Flower Butterflies”

After I graduated from high school, I wanted to take up Fashion Design. Unfortunately, my parents can’t afford to support me on that course. So I took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing instead.

I promised to myself that after I passed the Board Examination for Nurses, I will pursue that biggest dream of mine and that is to become a renowned fashion designer someday. And i hope that dream will become into reality!


Laurence Aquino





Explore more of her work:  CLICK HERE


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