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Exotic Floral Bouquets locked inside Ice Blocks | Makoto Azuma

There is a brand new look to how you see the flowers.  Having used layer and water as a medium for flower arrangements, the creator currently dives into ice along with his new exhibition “Iced Flowers,”. Makoto locks flowers in ice. The “flowers can show distinctive expressions that do not display in everyday life,” says Makoto.

The self-described biological science creator Makoto Azuma is making an attempt to alter the method we glance at flowers. He’s used water and also the layer as backdrops for his exotic flower arrangements however currently he’s experimenting with ice. In his latest exhibition “Iced Flowers,” Azuma locks floral bouquets in giant blocks of ice and displays them like pillars. Placed in Associate in Nursing inorganic chamber, the “flowers can show distinctive expressions that they are doing not show in existence,” says Makoto. The installation, command last week in Japan, was temporary naturally however the creator created certain to preserve the pictures.


Floral Bouquets

Check out more of his work here:  Makoto 

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