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The Face of Power by Leni Smoragdova

Leni Smoragdova – The face of the power – it psychological portrait of hidden emotion of famous people.

It’s prolong art Transaction’s ideas.

Art transaction (Wiki, Financial transaction, an agreement, communication, or movement carried out between a buyer and a seller to exchange an asset for payment), was found by Leni Smoragdova — as one of the streams of conceptual art, that emerged by the beginning of 2010-ies in London. Main symbols are hidden human faces, symbolism and psychology’s ideas.
This trend was largely influenced by the works of Ericksonian hypnosis / Milton Erickson Milton G. Erikson, 1901 – 1980, and global contradictions of the society of the 21st century: striving for harmony and the loss of moral values, where, according to followers of the transaction, there was a main break. The main purpose of the transaction is finding a balance between the spiritual and the material world.

“Rags, Chicks, Cars” this term created by therapist Kovalev Sergey Viktorovich – was taken by transactioners as the basis of designation of the thinking society of the 21st century.

Transaction acts as a litmus paper that demonstrates critical reality, its main task is to remind everyone through shocking art that there is always a choice and only a particular person decisions define his or her future.
Transaction is a mixture of psychology, religious teachings, in particular Judaism and techniques of shocking art.
Picture illusions, naked human figures with hidden faces, and black geometric shapes are natural for the style of the art of transaction. 

History of Philosophy The Transaction
Autumn 2012, Amsterdam: Leni Smoragdova in her performance for the first time used the term “Transaction” in the form of a slogan:


Leni Smoragdova





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