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donut portraits | Candice CMC


The Photographic arrangements of Candice CMC receive an immediate response on the part of the viewer.  When viewed from a distance, you see the recognizable face, but you realize that it has a certain look to it, then, as you get closer you say to yourself…”Donuts”, and you realize the the face you have recognized is made up entirely of photographs of donuts, some images using over 1000 donuts. 

Candice first photographs the donuts and then studies the tones and values of each so that she can arrange them to form the characteristics of the face she is creating. The images below, show the full work of art along with a detail close up of the donuts so that you can see what makes up the portrait. Candice has worked in graphic design and package design, and with these new photographic arrangements she has put her artistic and design talents to work creating these unique and creative portraits.

“Vincent Van Donuts” Photographic arrangement on 100% rag paper 34″x28″

“Einstein 1080″ Photographic arrangement of 1080 donuts on canvas 38×30”

Marilyn 616″ Photographic arrangement on canvas 78″x64″

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