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Dear Boss, I Quit xoxo by Reuel Y. Rendon

The purpose of this art is to juxtapose the two different worlds, between the two realms, the worlds of human life and the world of cartoons.

The reason behind this idea was that I realized when we were young, we loved to watch our favorite cartoon shows not just to be entertained, but also to be able express different emotions and feelings. It also taught us to widen our thinking, and to broaden our imagination and capabilities which I think had helped me a lot to be able to be artistic in my own way.
Setting this as my inspiration, I got more motivated when mr. Walt disney the creator of mickey mouse in 1928, created a series of “alice comedies” in 1923 – 1927, this animated cartoon shows a real life adventurous little girl named alice, who had entered the world of cartoons. In a few years later, some movies were made with the same concept. It is beautiful and amazing for me how they work together.
Also I thought that we can meet in person our favorite celebrities but how come that we can not meet our favorite cartoon characters though they are celebrities too? Though sometimes, mascots will do.

So why not use that same concept in art. In photographs, videos and movie scenes I combined various cartoon characters and the real world to create a theatrical scene of both worlds portraying their connection to one another, and with a little addition of some of my personal insights. Though you don’t often see them in televisions or movies, I had created them in one picture in harmony.
In case you are wondering about my title, I quit my job just to pursue this talent.

Reuel y. Rendon


We mostly tell truth when drunk.


We look for things from afar, yet it is just in front of us.


The Giver and the Recievers


Food tastes better when shared


Between Spaces. Sometimes we need space. Sometime we are lost in space.


Good news comes unexpected.


Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true.


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