Creative Interior Design with Tree Trunk

Tree Trunks are cheap and easy to find materials with which you can decorate your living space. These solutions can be incorporated practically everywhere. Some of you may think that tree trunks are mostly used to decorate traditional or cottage interiors. However, these peaces of furniture, as we will say, can add at a great extent to the elegance and the modern look of your home. You can place the tree trunk as a centered table in your living room; maybe paint it with your favorite color, or place it as a side table. Whenever their place would be in your home, they will add to your home’s warm look. For an intensified look, the best way for you is to use tree trunks as wall decor solutions. In this way you will get a super cozy and modern place to live.

Also, there are many other creative solutions of how you can use them in your home decor interior. As you will see from our presentation below, you can feel free to experiment with these incredible material. You can decorate your home with nice tree trunk candle holder that will warm your heart. Then, you can create beautiful wall decor sculptures, colorful wooden bowls, cup coasters, or even wooden flowerpots. Check these incredible solutions including many more interior ideas in the following collection and enjoy!















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