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Michele Petrelli contemporary italian artist,

Describes the modern world through splashes of color, accurately matched following the nature of color itself, which settles on objects and reflexes itself through ambiance following the physical laws of light, observing matter in analytic way, but also transcending and abstract it with a personal taste, mere realism.

In these “impressions” Petrelli freezes the most inner expressions.

The “No fear of Dark” project was born because of a huge desire of socio-cultural change. Being unable to modify the external space, the contemporary Italian artist Petrelli transfigures himself, portraying himself with alien and vegetal appearance, using monocromies with the prevalence of black.

The black-prevalent paintings are real “wooden totems” on which Petrelli often creates a big materic relief. Sometimes subjects are hovering into void, other times they sink into marine abysses, or emerge from a twine of shapes, lines of light dissolve into abstract.

Infinite perspectives of powerful architectures or very fragile structures, which may be moved by a blow of wind are the background of an intense onyric scheme. In “Unhuman Compassion” and “The Dream Devourer”, Petrelli depicts the infinite impotence of the human being in front of the occult, the “non-manifest”.

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