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Colored Pencil Drawings Works by Julianna Maston

Amazing colored pencil drawings works by Julianna Maston. My name is Julianne mMaston and I grew up in Oak Ridge, tn. I currently live in Connecticut and work as an associate creative director (doing graphic design) for a consumer promotion agency. I have always had a passion for art since I was little and I strive to be creative in all aspects of my life. While I really enjoy working on the computer, I truly love working outside of the digital world to better my hand-drawn illustration skills. Colored pencils are my favorite medium.

My work is extremely detailed and I have a particular interest in the intricacy of scales and reptilian skin. As huge fan of Jurassic park and anything related to dinosaurs, they are my favorite subject. I also adore Disney movies and their characters, dragons, Nintendo…the list goes on! I think it’s best to draw what makes you happy. You’ll always have a better final outcome.



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