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Ceramics Sculptures | Chris Ebejer

Chris Ebejer was born in Malta, in 1979 . He is considered mainly as a self taught sculptor that from an early stage in life was deeply influenced from the baroque heritage found in his native island.

Such influence captured his fantasy and imagination and from a trained painter, he soon discovered that three dimension was the true inspiration for his creations.

Inspired mostly from drama and looking for the theatrical, his art seems to have re-emerged from that long classical tradition which is vigorously apparent in his work.

His sculptures are acclaimed by many and this have led to a prodigious amount of commissioned works, both monumental and thematic. His work is a continuous tradition that lives on to express the beauty of European culture and civilization.








Chris shares a fascination with creating beauty that touch the emotions and explore the dream world of subconscious and shows his love to satisfy the spectator with a surreal theater of drama, illusions and fantasy.

To view more of his artwork, CLICK HERE

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