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BeFlower | An Amazing Portrait Series – Caio Vita

Caio Vita | BeFlower An Amazing Portrait Series

Is there anything better than when someone’s love for art pours through the very screen at which you’re looking? Friends, let me tell you that his passion for painting flowers is evident not only through the beautiful still life paintings you see below, but also through the way she describes certain moments of clarity in her experience. Even if the flower isn’t what drives your art, I’m sure you’ll learn some great points about how to look at your subject in a new light. ~Cherie

Caio Vita is a Brazilian Multidisciplinary Designer, Visual Artist and ‘internet addict’, born in the last years of the 80s, residing in the Netherlands since 2013.

He strives to make his work human and technological as well as raw and fragile, or, more precisely: As inconsistent, as humans are.

His strength lies in being autodidact and open to learn new skills on a daily basis. He is currently experimenting with diverse media, physical and digital materials combined with his passion of photography.





CaioI’m a graphic designer and artist, with multidisciplinary skills in new media, digital and analogue matters. With a big passion for photography, videography and art installations.

I strive to make my work human and technological as well as raw and fragile, or, more precisely: Inconsistent, as humans are. I try to apply to my work the broad range of possibilities that I can get, as a graphic designer.

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