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Beautiful Art painting | Consuelo Hernandez

Consuelo Hernandez | Beautiful Art painting

Consuelo Hernandez, extremeña of origin, representative Spanish figurative painter in the line of realism, considered among the most prominent contemporary Spanish artists. Artist with great international significance.

With a strong background in the fields of art and literature, from his childhood and adolescence alternative high school studies and drawing and painting. Licensed to 22 years in Philosophy from the University of Salamanca.

His beginnings in painting followed the impressionist model line that the artist was leaving to full immersion in the world of realism, which has remained true over the last thirty years.

In this career it can be seen that Consuelo Hernandez has experienced an evolution in terms of the technique used and the content of his work, which reflects its own vital evolution and the surrounding environment.





It is noteworthy the six years of his stay in Tangiers (1997-2003) period in which his paintings are inspired by the architecture of international decadent era of the city, especially those dedicated to the Cervantes Theatre: Spring, Summer, Fall Winter at the Teatro Cervantes of Tangier.

In July 2016 he was again recognized (with the intervention of a jury of eleven art critics, historians and Italian architects) by the prestigious gallery Satura Art Gallery of Genoa (Italy) as “guest and awarded artist” in the “2nd Concorso internazionale d’contemporary art. ” The exhibition took place in the exhibition space of the Palazzo Stella Genoa, home of the gallery.

In September 2016 he participated again as a guest artist at the “21 ° Concorso Nazionale d’Arte Contemporanea” organized by Satura Art Gallery, Palazzo Stella, Genoa (Italy). The exhibition will be open from 10 to 24 September.

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