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Beautiful Art by Lindsey Kustusch

Lindsey kustusch grew up in the chicago area and studied briefly at the american academy of art.

In 2002 she moved to san francisco and studied for several years at the academy of art university. But kustusch believes her most crucial art lessons have happened in her studio, where she studied paintings by artists she admired, collected ideas and inspiration, and painted miles and miles of trial-and-error canvases.

For kustusch the city as subject matter has continued to offer endless visual fodder over the years because of what she calls the “raw energy” of the urban environment. “also inspiring is the wildlife that seamlessly coexists in the city, and the overwhelming presence of growth and change,” kustusch says. “my goal as an artist is to capture moments in time in pictorial form, and the city is an ever-changing entity with no two days the same.”

More recently, the artist says, subject matter even closer to home has offered inspiration, including interiors like her own kitchen. “regardless of my subject, my goal is to capture brief moments in time and to evoke the feeling of being present in that split second,” she says. “I like to use paint as a way of conveying the beauty in everyday moments and as a reflection on the memories we take with us. Because, after all, life becomes a series of memories, so it’s all in how they’re interpreted.” —bonnie gangelhoff






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