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In the series of paintings «ballet», I show how the dancers are interacting with energetic structure of the surrounding space, transforming chaotic pattern into beautiful energy textures.

Fluorescent pigments were used in these paintings to better express the sensation of invisible energy penetrating the material world. Colors are changing depending on light applied (daylight, usual and black light). You could see it comparing photos in usual and black light. The most impressing effect is achieved at the Sunbeam/Moonbeam painting.

Arabesque Flame. Photo in usual light

This painting is a finalist of the Em*bodied Art online competition by ArtScene Today and nominee of Artavita 10 contest

Arabesque Flame. Photo in black light

Sunbeam/Moonbeam. Photo in usual light

The space and energy is being transformed by the ballet dancer. When you see the painting in daylight, the ballerina is dancing in the beam of Sun. With black light, the color is changing and the beam becomes of Moon…

Sunbeam/Moonbeam. Photo in black light

Thinking of flying. Photo in usual light

Thinking of flying. Photo in black light

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