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Who knew there were luscious rain forests in Marysville, Australia? and that a sculptor named Bruno Torfs has fondly hand crafted a group of unforgettable characters from clay and fired them onsite in his kiln–then placed them in his garden, making a fantastic, wizard world and probably forcing you to place Australia on our bucket lists–if it wasn’t already there.

Bruno Torfs was born in South America and lived there along with his family until the age of fifteen. At this time the whole family made the move to Europe in seek of latest opportunities. After coaching and dealing as a proof author,  Bruno created a gradual transition to become a full time creator.

Through his numerous abilities and a spirit for journey Bruno created a unique style filled with culture and character. This was achieved through several journeys round the world, each alone and along with his partner Marleen.








Bruno Torfs

The original and unique artworks of sculptor and painter Bruno Torfs continues to bring joy and inspiration to visitors from all over the world. Nestled amongst the luscious rain forest setting lives a collection of unforgettable characters lovingly hand crafted by Bruno from clay and fired onsite in his kiln.

Bruno has created a world rich with fantasy and insightful beauty derived from his imagination and inspired by his intrepid journeys to some the world most intriguing and remote regions.

To explore more of his art click here: Bruno

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