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Art History in Contemporary Life | Alexey Kondakov

Alexey Kondakov | Art History in Contemporary Life

“Art History in Contemporary Life” illustration series by Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov. The artist takes scenes and figures lifted from classical paintings and drops them into modern-day life photographs. The series creates an overall interesting and playful new context for the classical artworks, that one would usually find in high profile exhibitions and museums. The fusion of Bouguereau’s Song of the Angels with an empty subway car is among our favorite in the series.

Ukrainian art director Alexey Kondakov not only imagined what these celestial figures would look like on the bus, but realised his imaginings through Photoshop to share with all of us. For his series The Daily Life Of Gods, he’s taken figures from classical art and popped them in car parks, on public transport, and in decrepit back yards.

They somehow look like they belong there, their forlorn expressions and sad demeanours matching the tatty seats of the bus or the pissy stone floors of the subway. It’s very silly, but very fun, even if Alexey would have us believe it’s got a more serious undertone. “I thought, ‘What if I invite these into our reality and imagine they are on streets of modern Kiev?’”, he says. “… My project is about life.






Kondakov talks about his project a bit more:

….Then I thought, ‘What if I invite these [gods] into our reality and imagine they are on streets of modern Kiev?’ Then I wanted to transform a noisy company of cheerful kids who gathered to spend time together in the city or go to the movies. And in these heroes I saw the work of other artists. ….My project is about life. I really want to avoid talking about the social commentary.

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