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A few weeks ago my balloon tribute to The Walking Dead was seen by 17 million viewers across North America as part of an advertising campaign by the network that produces the show (AMC). They had contacted me after seeing my fan art version of another character, Michonne, posted online and asked if I would be interested in making some new balloon sculptures for their award-winning image slot; “Life imitates AMC”.

You see, when I twisted my first balloon it popped. As did the second and probably the third and forth too. The reality is that the only thing that my first balloon animals had in common with the Walking Dead was that they had a habit of dying! It was only through dedicating long hours to my art form that I eventually improved.

When others sleep I’m generally still awake, working hard on my next big project. The Daryl and the dead balloon took me one whole week of long days and sleepless nights to achieve, but I look at that time as an investment. It is an investment in my work, but ultimately it is an investment in me.

Daryl & The Dead – The Walking Dead Balloon Fan Art Made For AMC

The Two Balloon Artists – Me And My Balloon Vincent Van Gogh

The Poodle Ballerina – These Days My balloon Dogs Are A Little Better

The Well Walker – Glenn Rhee Walking Dead Balloon Fan Art

The Hustle – I Love Basing Balloons On Famous Artwork



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