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All_that_is_lost | PETER FOESTERSI


Peter Foestersi was born in 1968 in Belgium and I live in Tongeren. I graduated from Art school in Genk in 1992. In the mid-nineties I started painting objects in combination with Gesso.


After a break of more than 10 years I started to mold and paint movie scenes using clay. For 5 years now I have been painting in an abstract style. I am always fascinated by the combination of sculpting and painting.Because I work on canvas the material has to be very light.

That’s why I use polystyrene. I like to use bright ”fluo” colors combined with black. By using straight lines I try to bring depth in my work, this gives it an extra dimension.
That’s why I call it: straight dimensions. I’m inspired by modern architecture (buildings, bridges, monuments) and modern artists like Yves Klein, Mondrian, Hockney, Warhol, Lichtenstein and Johns.Driven by creativity I always want to take things a step further. Never stand still, always take the next step.
For me that’s what art is all about!   You can see much more on: Click Here


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