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African culture through mosaic murals | Charis Tsevis

African culture through mosaic murals | Charis Tsevis

African Bricks for Sasi’s is a series of digital artworks that encompass a dazzling combination of materials, themes, colours, formations and techniques — all of which are inspired by Africa.

These vibrant murals are the work of visual designer Charis Tsevis, created to decorate the walls of his wife’s family’s African restaurant Sasi’s, in his hometown of Athens, Greece. Tsevis was asked to produce artworks inspired by everyday life, but also to pay tribute to the long traditions of Zulus, Ndebele, Xhosa and all tribes of the land.

Tsevis passionately describes Africa as “a constant source of inspiration, and a solid point of reference for my life” — so he set to work creating something bold and complex to capture the historic and multifaceted African culture.

I have printed these digital files on wood in 8 colors. Collaborating with the great team of quality printing solutions, we have printed in a Swiss q impala 2 printer. 7 colors plus white. The white ink is used under some of the bricks in various shades, creating the illusion that the bricks are pieces of paper or metal that are sticked on the wood.





African culture

Tsevis took these earthy and traditional elements and brought them together using digital technology, working with various software programmes to produce the final result. For the restaurant’s walls, each image was then printed large-scale onto plywood, adding yet another dimension of texture to this visual feast.

Find out more about these wonderful pieces, and the fascinating work of the artist on his website.

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