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Acrylic Pastels | Cynthia Saenz

Acrylic Pastels | Cynthia Saenz

Born in San Jose Costa Rica, it grows on a farm where he developed a great sensitivity to animals, especially horses. He currently lives in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.

Easily enters the drawing at an early age at the School of Art Esempi with maestro Francisco Alvarado, Advertising Design at the University Veritas and art lessons with Jim Theologos pastelist known.

Cultivate a rich texture of the surreal, mysterious, poetic, acrylic and narrative; with original and distinctive style; intensifying his passion for the horse. His works detailed aspects of the equestrian world, Cynthia’s propensity for using the horse and the bull as metaphors of power or the weakness has become the focal point of his work.

The world of his fantasies involving women, horses and bulls, reaching tough decisions in their personal growth and evolution as an artist. He has exhibited his works with steady growth, celebrating with enthusiasm high esteem by collectors of his work.

His work is in different places such as Turkey, Russia, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Argentina, Panama, Switzerland, Australia and Costa Rica; among others.





The attractiveness of being an artist is the ability to reflect own experiences or utopias. The horse, subject rooted, persistent and present, manipulated as an instrument allowing me to grow, recreating thoughts and situations in different areas of daily living.

Unsung hero of great battles, flagship real stories or pure imagination; main axis of conquests and defeats. Penetrating subject of our past, present and future. Main component of the fight, combining passion and death in a single verb.

The beating of your heart, your breath, the rhythm of your steps by approaching death and mocking in a change air of hand intoxicate me in your world, flood over my thoughts, blow my dreams, transform my nightmares into victories.

So, i perceive and feel you… my arrogant horse.

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